Seminars & Workshops

  • ‘Seminar cum workshop series on the threatened and dying Cultural traditions of the ethnic communities in the Karbi Anglong, Morigaon and Goalpara districts of Assam’
    The Seminar cum Workshop series was held in the three districts of the State of Assam, viz. Morigaon, Goalpara and Karbi Anglong which are the habitats of myriads of ethnic communities with rich cultural heritage, social customs and traditions, crafts and skills during 2016-17.Their ethnic cultures, lifestyle and livelihood are being threatened due to a number of reasons some of which seem to be due to ecological changes and loss of environment and resources, demographic changes and assimilation, changes in lifestyle and livelihood as also due to other adverse effects of a changing world around them.

    Faced with such threats to their socio-cultural identities, there was an overwhelming response to the above Seminar cum Workshop series held within the premises of the ethnic communities in the three districts. The Seminars held at Jagiroad in Morigaon district, Dudhnoi in Goalpara district, and Diphu in Karbi Anglong were attended by a wide section of participants comprising of members of various ethnic communities, both men and womenfolk, cultural and social experts, students, scholars and researchers, as well as office bearers and members of socio-cultural, literary and welfare organisations of the communities. There was participation from members outside the communities as well.

    The members of the ethnic communities lauded the initiative taken by IRDIS to highlight their cultural identity and spread awareness amongst the members within and outside the participating communities. An important aspect of the seminar and workshop series was the congenial atmosphere in which the participating communities conducted their discourses in each district burying any existing cultural or social issues amongst themselves due to co-habitation of the community members in the districts.

    Seminar-Workshop at Morigaon district

    Seminar-Workshop at Goalpara District

    Seminar- Workshop at Karbi Anglong