As the world progresses towards globalization and draws towards a common platform where the issues of world politics, economy, trade and commerce are discussed, resolved and implemented, the old prediction of sociologists that the assimilation of humanity would be achieved and that assertions of strong identities would disappear, has however been belied.

It is at this juncture that IRDIS in partnership with the diverse ethnic peoples of the State of Assam, India, and through its research and documentation initiatives on indigenous studies, seeks to bring to light the rich ethnic cultures and traditional knowledge of indigenous peoples across the State, the nation and worldwide.

IRDIS ObjectivesIRDIS’ initiatives are inter and multi disciplinary, collaborative and comparative. Its endeavour is to preserve the indigenous and traditional knowledge ,cultures and languages while incorporating measures to improve the social, cultural and economic status of the diverse ethnic groups and communities of Assam. The members of IRDIS work in partnership with the ethnic communities/tribes in the rural and semi-rural areas to train members from amongst the different communities in programs over a range of initiatives relevant to the communities themselves and for their benefit and empowerment.
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